Interior Shed Care

Weatherproofing your garden shed protects it from damage caused by weathering, mould, algae, and rot, and although there are hundreds of exterior shed care products to protect and maintain exterior wood, what about interior shed care?

Why treat a shed interior?

It’s fair to say that shed interiors don’t have to be treated, especially if only being used as over-spill storage from the house. This said however, garden sheds are increasingly being used as workshops, summerhouses, and other places of work and relaxation, where time is spent and enjoyed.

Painted shed interior to make it lighter and more homely

A painted shed interior makes it lighter and more inviting. Image by

With garden sheds being increasingly used as extensions to the home, a little interior shed care can make a huge difference. Floors can be treated and protected whilst walls and ceiling can be painted to make them brighter, lighter, more inviting, and homely.

Floors and walls can be easily sealed against dust, dirt and general grime with an interior wood oil or garden paint. This means that mud, water and other contaminates will not penetrate and spoil the appearance of the wood grain. They also make the wood water, liquid, and stain resistant meaning that dirt, moisture, and spillages can be easily wiped clean without leaving a stain or mark.

Painting interior shed walls in pastel shades or vibrant colours will complement its intended purpose bringing a uniqueness to your shed. Adding an entrance mat, some pictures or shelves to the walls completes the transformation. Paint all 4 walls the same colour, go for the 2 and 2 approach or paint all four walls in different colours. The possibilities are endless.

How to protect shed interiors

The key to a shed transformation is picking the right products and colours. Here we’ve short listed just a couple of the more popular garden paints and oil-based wood treatments that should cover most styles and tastes.

Garden Paints

The term ‘paint’ is used loosely as in addition to actual paints, there are a host of semi translucent and opaque wood oils that will also effectively colour and protect shed interiors.

Shed interior painted with Cuprinol Garden Shades Paint

Cuprinol Garden Shades Paint is a popular choice for shed interiors and exteriors |

Available in a huge range of pastel tones and more vibrant colours, there’s a product to transform the inside of any garden shed.

Top paints for shed interiors

Although designed for exterior wood, these paints are perfectly suitable for interior shed care. They’ll brighten and protect any wooden surface.

  • Cuprinol Garden Shades: A water-based paint that is available in over 30 attractive colours from soft pastel shades to more vibrant colours.
  • Ronseal Garden Paint: Another popular garden paint, this one can be used to paint wood, brick, terracotta and metal making it incredibly versatile around the garden.
  • Osmo Country Colour: An opaque, coloured wood oil that colours and protects a wide range of interior and exterior wooden surfaces including garden sheds. Penetrative formula offers outstanding durability and will not crack, peel or flake off. Dries to a gentle satin-matt finish.
  • Johnstone’s – Garden Colours: A high quality, water-based, protective wood paint that’s easy to apply. Provides a beautiful layer of long lasting colour, without losing the natural grain of the wood. It colours and protects most types of garden wood including sheds.

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When treating wood, always do a test area in good light to assess product suitability and final finish, before starting any project. Always allow for good ventilation during application and drying.

Wood oils for interior shed care

Top of the list for consideration are hard wax oils. These wood oils are made from a blend of natural oils, waxes and resins and are extremely durable and easy to maintain. They are ideal for virtually any softwood or hardwood floor within the home and are perfectly suitable for the interior floors and walls of garden sheds and summerhouses.

Hard wax oils are far more durable and require far less maintenance than traditional oils such as danish oil or teak oil. they require just 2 thin coats and depending on the shed usage, should be good for a number of years before simply requiring a clean and a fresh maintenance coat. Hardwax oils are available in clear and a range of colour variations meaning that shed interiors can be decorated to your preferred style or taste.

The beauty of using a wood oil is that they are durable, easy to maintain, and will never crack, flake or peel, making them perfect for protecting shed floors.

Top wood oils for interior shed care

  • Osmo Polyx Oil: A solvent-based, highly versatile, premium grade, hardwax oil for interior wood. Perfect for wooden floors, doors, kitchen worktops, furniture and more
  • Fiddes Hard Wax Oil: A highly durable blend of waxes and oils for wooden floors and other interior wood. Scratch and scuff and liquid resistant
  • Osmo Polyx Oil Tints: A colour tinted hard wax oil that’s suitable for all interior wood. tough, durable easy to apply and maintain
  • Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Tints: A coloured, protective hard wax oil for interior floors and other wooden surfaces. Scratch and scuff resistant whilst protecting against liquid spills

Most softwood sheds are made from some sort of pine or other softwood. This is absolutely fine, but one characteristic of pine is that it can turn a golden yellowy colour when treated or coated with a clear wood oil or varnish. To counteract this yellowing or golden colour from being enhanced, there are specially formulated hardwax oils that help to maintain the natural, untreated look of the wood. these are…

  • Osmo Polyx Oil Raw (3044): Protective wood oil for interior floors, doors, furniture and more. Specifically formulated to retain the natural appearance of untreated wood. Avoids the darkening (damp wood look) associated with clear wood oils and varnishes.
  • Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Natural: A durable Hard Wax Oil formula that better retains the natural, untreated look of lighter coloured timbers such as Oak and Pine.

For a Scandinavian look, consider a white wood oil or one that contains just a small amount of white pigment such as those above.

Can I use an exterior wood oil on my shed interior?

Many exterior wood oils contain additional additives such as fungicides and biocides to protect exterior wood from mould, algae and insect attack. These are formulated for exterior wood such as decking, shed exteriors and fence panels, and are not suitable for interior wood that is likely to come into direct contact with bare skin or food. Although they are not dangerous when dry, it is still better to use an interior oil that doesn’t contain these additional ingredients to avoid any potential skin reaction or allergy.

So, there you have it, a roundup of wood paints and wood oils to transform the interior of any garden shed from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Make your shed something to be proud of and show-worthy rather than something to hideaway in the corner of the garden. Who knows, your shed could one-day become a contender for shed of the year.

Exterior shed treatments

It goes without saying that shed exteriors need the most protection. From weathering to insect attack, green growth to wood rot, exterior shed treatments provide everything needed to keep sheds protected, standing and structurally sound for many, many years. Here are some of the things you will need to keep your shed clean and protected through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

  • Garden Shed Preservers: to protect wooden sheds against mould, algae, insect attack and wood rot
  • Wooden Shed Stains: to colour and protect garden sheds, summerhouses, and log cabins. Ideal for re-colouring sheds that have perhaps turned grey or silver as a result of UV and water damage
  • Oiled-based Shed Treatments: The perfect way to keep shed timbers nourished and supple. Oil-based shed treatments also provide excellent protection against weathering and water ingress
  • Garden Paints for Sheds: To colour and protect garden sheds, garden offices and more. Turn a garden shed from a fixture into a garden feature with a splash of colour and character
  • Exterior Varnishes  or Coatings for Sheds: Seal and protect sheds and other garden buildings with a clear or coloured wood stain that coats and seals the wood
  • Wood Cleaners for Sheds, Summerhouses and Log Cabins: An essential part of shed maintenance or as a pre-treatment prior to preserving, painting, oiling or staining a garden shed, log cabin or summer-house

Need more information on how to look after your garden shed? See our information and recommendations for exterior shed care and maintenance.

Garden Shed FAQ’s

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