Garden Furniture Oil

Garden furniture looks great when new, but without proper maintenance, can start to look tired and worn within just a year or two. Furniture wood can soon lose its natural colour, turning grey or silver as a result of weathering and UV exposure. Although the weathered silver/grey look is perfectly fine, keeping furniture well maintained will preserve the out of the box look and will help to preserve garden tables and chairs for longer.


The good news is that all wooden garden furniture can be easily maintained, preserved, and if necessary, restored with the right garden furniture oil.

New Garden Furniture Maintenance

The easiest way to preserve the look of new garden furniture sets is to use a dedicated garden furniture cleaner. These specially formulated wood cleaners will help to keep garden and patio furniture clean, whilst retaining the the original oiled or stained finish.

Household detergents including washing-up liquids should never be used to wipe down or clean oiled wooden furniture. These products often contain harsh detergents, cleaning chemicals or abrasives that will degrade and possibly strip the finish from the wood, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to weathering and biological threats such as mould and algae. Always use a dedicated garden furniture cleaner that is pH balanced and specifically formulated for use on outdoor wooden furniture.

To maintain the weather resistant properties of garden furniture and to keep the wood supple and nourished, it is recommended that outdoor furniture is oiled twice a year, usually in early Spring and again mid to late Autumn. This is done by simply wiping over the furnture with a lint free cloth and a thin maintenance coat of furniture oil. For furniture that it situated in particularly exposed environment, a little more maintenance may be required to keep it protected and looking great.

Top 5 Recommended Garden Furniture Oils

Keeping oiled garden furniture protected and looking great is quick and easy. All that is required is a thin application of a dedicated wood oil for patio or garden furniture.

  1. Furniture Clinic Teak Oil: A traditional formula of pure, high quality Tung and Linseed Oil. Restores the beauty of old and weathered teak furniture. Also protect and waterproofs exotic wood and other hardwoods
  2. Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil: A deep penetrating formulation of wood oils and resins for use on wooden garden furniture that nourishes and protects the wood
  3. Cuprinol Ultimate Furniture Oil: A high performance furniture oil for use on all bare and previously oiled hardwood garden furniture
  4. Ronseal Teak Oil: A multi-purpose Teak Oil that is ideal for use on all types of hardwood garden furniture including Teak
  5. Nordicare Sealing Wood Oil for Outdoor Garden Furniture: SEALING OIL made for the treatment and maintenance of outdoor wooden surfaces, such as garden furniture, porches and oil-finished building structures. The oil is suitable for all types of wood, from exotic woods like teak, merbau of mahogany, pine, beech and oak. The oil penetrates the surface, seals it, and provides a lasting protection against drying out, moisture, dirt, fungi and rot. The natural color and structure of the wood will be enhanced.

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Old Garden Furniture Maintenance

The way that older patio or garden furniture is maintained depends on the type of look that is preferred. For those wanting to retain the weathered, grey, or silver look, simply use a clear or natural wood oil. These contain no added colour pigments and will allow the greying process to continue, whilst keeping the wood nourished and supple. The oil penetrates into the timber to keep it supple and protected from water ingress, cracking, warping, and splitting.

For this a traditional clear wood oil like those above or below can be used. Alternatively, using a clear decking oil is also a good way to weatherproof and protect wooden garden furniture and benches.

Traditional wood oils for garden furniture

  • Teak Oil: A natural oil for the treatment of teak garden furniture, garden benches, wooden patio furniture and other exotic hardwoods
  • Pure Tung Oil: A premium, pure and natural wood oil for use on interior and exterior wood. Ideal for use on food contact surfaces such as garden table tops
  • Danish Oil: A highly refined, clear, Danish Oil for interior and exterior wood. Suitable for softwood and hardwood patio and garden furniture

How to restore the colour of grey, weathered, garden furniture

Wooden garden or patio furniture that has turned grey or silver as a result of weathering and UV damage can be restored. There are a couple of ways to restore the colour of garden furniture as detailed below.

The first option is to use a chemical wood restorer. These products contain an active ingredient called ‘Oxalic Acid’ that helps to reverse the chemical processes that turn the wood grey or silver. Usually, one application along with some elbow grease is sufficient but if the wood has been grey or silver for some time, a second application may be required.

Garden furniture colour restorers

These are chemical restorers that reverse the colour loss caused by weathering and UV damage.

Once the colour of the timber has been restored, usually within 24 hours, garden furniture can be treated with a suitable clear or coloured garden furniture oil or stain, to protect the wood and help preserve the restored colour.

An alternative to restoring the natural colour of the wood is to give the furniture a light sanding to remove any surface dirt, debris and lose fibres. Then clean the furniture thoroughly with a suitable garden furniture cleaner. The wood should be wiped over with methylated spirit before treating the furniture with a garden furniture stain.

When applying a garden furniture oil always do a small test area to assess product suitability and final colour before starting any project.

Alternative Garden Furniture Treatment

A growing trend with garden furniture that has turned grey or silver over time is to simply paint it with a suitable garden furniture paint. This is a great way to rejuvenate old, tired, looking patio or garden furniture. Choose from a huge range of colours to lift old furniture and introduce a splash of colour and style to any garden space.

Garden Furniture FAQ’s

Can’t find the answer to your garden furniture care or maintenance project above? See our frequently asked garden furniture questions and answers page, where we try to answer some of the more commonly asked questions relating to garden furniture care, maintenance, and furniture treatments.