Garden Accessories

The garden shed, fence and decking are in place, flowers and plants are growing nicely and its all looking pretty amazing. This said, there’s always room for improvement and adding some additional garden accessories can add a whole new level of character, style, and atmosphere to outdoor living spaces.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting is a great mood setter. It can be as subtle as a few candles on a table, chinese lanterns in a tree, or something altogether brighter and more party orientated. There are essentially three types of garden lighting and each have there merits.

subtle garden lighting to create atmosphere

Garden lights add atmosphere and character to outdoor living spaces

Electric garden lights

If you’re looking for brighter garden lights, long strings of lights or perhaps decking lights, these will likely be mains operated. Although not all electric garden lights have to be connected into a specialist outdoor electrical socket or box, those that do may need to be fitted and certified by a qualified electrician.

Solar powered garden lights

Solar powered garden lights are probably the easiest to place with no mains cables or safety concerns to worry about. Available in a massive variety of shapes, styles,and colours, solar powered garden lights can be a great addition to light up garden trees, fences, walkways, lawns and more.


Solar powered lights in a garden tree

Cheap solar powered garden lights may have cheap rechargeable batteries. These may have a limited life expectancy and may need replacing with a better quality, branded rechargeable battery after a year or two. The quality of the solar cell that collects the sun light can also affect the strength of the light intensity and duration that it stays on for. For this reason, spending a little more on quality solar powered garden lights may work out more economical than buying cheaper alternatives.

Garden lanterns and candles

There’s nothing like the flickering of a naked flame to set the mood in the garden. The obvious dangers are the fire risk to dry plants and grass, wooden garden furniture and other combustible materials, natural, and man-made. This said many garden candle lanterns keep the flame protected and isolated from surrounded objects to ensure that real candle light is as safe as possible. An alternative to a naked flame are the excellent battery operated candles. Many of these are indistinguishable from the real thing unless you are looking at it closely.


Suspended garden candle holder

Garden paints

Garden paints are a great way to transform outdoor living spaces. Often suitable for garden furniture, stone, brick, terracotta and other garden wood, they are available in a wide range of shade and colour tones from subtle pastels to striking, vibrant colours.

Water features and status

Bring a touch of feng shui to your garden with a garden water feature or garden statue. There’s something to be said about the sound of trickling or running water whilst reclined on a sun-lounger on the lawn or decking – Perfect!

Garden furniture

No garden is complete without garden furniture. From the simplistic ‘jack and jill’ sets for two to the more extravagant garden furniture dinning sets, recliners, ratten garden furniture sets including garden sofa, chair and table sets.

Wooden garden furniture needs to be cleaned and maintained to remain in the best possible condition. For help and advice on garden furniture care, see our garden furniture care and maintenance guide.


From small charcoal camping BBQ’s to the fully equipped outdoor gas kitchen type, BBQ’s aren’t just for big occasions and parties. Perfect for spur of the moment meals after a day at work or a spontaneous weekend lunch or dinner in the garden, every garden should have a BBQ.

Hot tubs

The ultimate in garden accessories and extravagance but perhaps not as beyond the realms as you might think. Although high end, hard shell hot tubs can indeed run into the thousands, there are plenty of equally enjoyable inflatable hot tubs to be had for around £500 or less. These inflatable hot tubs are made from extremely robust, multi layer materials that are designed to last for years, are resistant to weathering and the risk of puncture. Depending on the make and model they come with many of the features usually found on high-end hot tubs including hydro jets, coloured lighting and more. There are also a wide range of accessories including cup holders, waterproof bluetooth speakers and more.

Sun screens, shades and canopies

Garden shades and canopies are a great way to protect seating areas from the sometimes relentless heat and brightness of the sun. Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles, they can also contribute to the overall look and feel of the garden being both stylish and functional. An alternative to a canopy is a garden parasol. Available in a huge range of sizes, colours and types from table top to winch, garden parasols are quick and easy to put up and take down and portable.

Gardening gifts

Garden accessories can also make great gardening gifts and are ideal for any occasion, including Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and more. With thousands of gardening gifts for men and women to choose from, there’s never a shortage of ideas for someone special.

Garden decking

Decking makes a great addition to any garden, big or small. Made from wood or composite materials, they can be as basic or extravagant as you like and the perfect platform for gatherings, parties or just to sit out on and soak up the sunshine. Wooden decking needs care and maintenance to stay protected and looking good. For help and advice on decking care and maintenance and which decking treatments to use, see our garden decking care and maintenance guide.

Garden sheds

Garden sheds have been around for as long as gardens themselves. Available in virtually any shape or size, they can be a fairly sizable investment so its worth taking the time and care to ensure that they are protected from weathering, mould, algae and insect attack. For more information on garden sheds, treatments, care and maintenance, see our garden shed care and maintenance guide.

Garden fences

Garden fences needn’t be the uninteresting, functional boundary that they often are. With a huge variety of garden paints, fence treatments and garden lights, wooden fences can be transformed into an integral part of your garden design. For more information on garden fences, treatments, care and maintenance, see our garden fence care and maintenance guide.

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