Garden Fence Stain

The definition of a garden fence stain can be difficult to quantify. Many products that aren’t technically labelled as a stain will still colour and protect garden fence panels and posts. An example of this is exterior wood preservatives, although their primary purpose is to protect garden fences and other garden wood from mould, algae, fungi, wood rot and insect attack, they also come in a range of colours and tones to stain and change the appearance of wood.

In the same way, many garden paints for sheds and fences could be classed more as a stain than a paint in the way that they penetrate in to the wood grain and stain the timber rather than coating it.

Exterior wood such as rough sawn garden fence panels can be stained by using either a wood preservative, garden paint or a coloured exterior wood oil. These products all colour and protect garden fence panels and posts in one way or another.